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Shaima Hamidaddin:

A way forward from the #Coronavirus

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Future Skills

We’re equipping young people with the skills to thrive in a world being profoundly transformed


We’re supporting entrepreneurs in building sustainable, innovative businesses

Global Citizenship

We’re empowering socially-conscious young people to be the catalysts for change on a global scale


We’re helping youth advance in a radically changing global workforce environment

  • Global Youth Index

    The Global Youth Index aims to help NGOs, policy makers, research institutions, corporate entities and young people themselves to identify areas of success, best practices, & gaps in the arena of youth development.

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  • Intention to Action

    As the world prepares for the “knowledge economy”, dominated by innovation and technological advance, it is vital, particularly in developing economies, that the younger generations are prepared, equipped, and willing to participate in it. Stakeholders involved in areas of youth development need to have accurate information, from young people themselves, about the factors that shape and influence the intentions and actions of those considering entrepreneurial ventures

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  • Are we skilled for the future ?

    Today’s young people—today’s lead learners—are laying the tracks for tomorrow’s work+learn paths. They are building futures for themselves that promise just the right amount of economic security within lives that allow them to achieve other life goals ranging from community building to artistic expression.

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  • What will the future of work look like?

    The Readiness for the future of work report gives an Overview of the 2035 Landscape and the Emerging Policy Instruments for Preparing Our Youth and Societies

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  • The Entrepreneurship World Cup

    The Entrepreneurship World Cup is more than just a global pitch competition with a shot at life-changing prizes. With 100,000 entrants from around the world, EWC elevates entrepreneurs – providing you with tools and resources to grow your venture.

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  • Future Fit Scholarship Program

    The working world is changing, and it’s demanding a whole new set of skills! We’ve got the answer – our series of FREE online training courses will help prepare you for the jobs of tomorrow, with an immersive learning platform, virtual course facilitators, simulations, peer-to-peer learning and a fun and exciting range of interactive content.

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  • #ItStartsWithUs

    We’re taking on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by providing you with a platform of information, inspiration and small things changemakers like you can do daily to help achieve them. If you take one action, and get one friend to do the same, and you both share it with the world on social (don’t forget to use #ISWU), you’ll make a difference for our futures. And you’ll inspire others around the world to make change happen.

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  • Misk Grand Challenges

    Young people are growing up in a world changing faster and more fundamentally than ever before. Together, we can harness this change to build a better world of opportunity for the next generation.

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  • Future Job Calculator

    The world is changing – two out of three children will go into jobs that don’t even exist yet. So what would your perfect job of the future be?

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