Introducing the winners of

Misk Grand Challenges

Through our Misk Grand Challenges initiative in 2018, we asked you to tell us your biggest ideas to revolutionize education and help make us all better global citizens.


Our first round saw an incredible 2,900 entries from 148 countries, all with extraordinary and innovative ideas to make the world a better place – and each of them had the chance to receive a $100,000 grant to bring their idea to life.

We’re proud to unveil the winners, chosen by a team of experts


world-changing ideas


Countries around the world

Here’s more about each of them


  • South Africa

Described as the “LinkedIn for South African teachers,” Zibuza is an online community for South Africa’s 400,000 teachers that provides high-quality training materials and other helpful resources.


  • Guatemala

In Guatemala, teaching quality can be low due to limited access to high-quality learning resources. RACHEL is an offline server full of learning materials that can be supplemented with a digital training program to allow teachers to develop their 21st-century skills.


  • India

EdCaptain is an online platform for high-quality teacher training materials and other education resources, crowdsourced from the best teachers and curated by AI. Its aim is to reach the 50 million educators in India who are actively looking to develop their skills.


  • USA

STEAM Café is an online platform to help elementary teachers across the USA learn how to teach STEM skills, offering training, an online marketplace for content and its own digital community.

Ali the AI Tutor

  • USA

More than 250 million children across the globe lack basic literacy and numeracy skills, so Ali the AI tutor was created to teach students one-on-one or to act as a teaching assistant.

Edumoción Movil

  • Colombia

Young people in Columbia can lack social and emotional skills, partially because its 300,000 teachers are not trained in how to teach them. Edumoción Movil is a blended learning course to train teachers in how best to teach these skills.

The Birds and the Bees

  • Pakistan

In Pakistan, most schools still rely heavily on outdated teaching models such as rote learning. The Birds and the Bees is a learning resource centre that immerses children in the practical activities of birdkeeping and beekeeping – this helps them to develop skills they’ll need for the future such as entrepreneurship through their honey-selling social enterprise.


  • Chad, Cameroon, Greece

There are currently 13 million children displaced from their homes and living as refugees – and Little Ripples’ idea will allow them to receive better education to develop 21st-century skills, including helping them to manage their own psychological well-being.

Youth Agripreneurs

  • Trinidad and Tobago

From “agriculture” to “agri-coolture” – Young Agripreneurs and WHYFARM are transforming the language of agriculture with comic books, poetry and drama to inspire the next generation of farmers.

Peace First Challenges

  • Middle East and North Africa

The 1.6 billion young people around the world are ready to help solve global problems, but are being held back because of a lack of resources, tools, knowledge and mentors – which is where Peace First steps in to give them the tools they’ll need.


  • Kenya

There are currently 10 million people in Kenya suffering from food insecurity, and many millions more around the world, due to external factors such as weather but also solvable logistical challenges such as storage, transport and waste. EFSOYC supports young people to implement innovative food security initiatives and share their stories with others to inspire them.


  • Brazil

Around two million people in Salvador live in slum communities affected by diseases that flourish because of rat or mosquito breeding grounds such as sewage and rubbish. +Lugar is an open-source gamified app that young people can use to map out these areas and then have community discussions about how best to eliminate them.


  • USA

Novelly is an app that educates young people on social issues, helping them solve issues around the SDGs by creating a cohesive central platform to learn about them, discuss them and encourage other young people to develop innovative solutions to tackle them.

The SDG Experience

  • USA

The SDG Experience offers young people the chance to experience virtual field trips using 360-degree spherical imagery. The project teaches them about specific UN Sustainable Development Goals – and then allows them to share their learnings in order to inspire others.

My School R.O.C.K.S

  • Canada

Music and Wellness R.O.C.K.S is an education app with which students can write, record, manipulate and share music projects using their own devices. It moves beyond traditional music sharing by helping teachers create lessons that motivate students and engage learners beyond the classroom through the power of performing arts and file sharing tech.

Stay tuned to our social channels as we highlight the winners individually over the coming weeks!

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