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Our initiative Misk Merit, in partnership with World Merit, is helping global citizens make huge change happen all across the world… and we couldn’t be prouder.

So what was our challenge? Put simply, to develop 50 million global citizens by 2030 – and help create a network of young people capable of tackling some of the world’s toughest issues.

Our strategy? To activate hundreds of youth-led councils across the globe and task them with creating initiatives to support their local communities.

Our (ongoing) results? In a word, incredible!

Our Misk Merit members are taking action and making a remarkable difference by tackling one or more of the following essential Sustainable Development Goals from the UN:

  1. No poverty
  2. Good health and wellbeing
  3. Quality education
  4. Decent work and economic growth
  5. Industry, innovation and infrastructure.

Check out five brilliant Misk Merit ideas that have already had a massive impact below.


  1. World Radio Day, Blantyre, Malawi – 13February

World Radio Day certainly got people listening this year with its focus on dialogue, tolerance and peace. Malawian station MBC Radio 1 introduced Lan, a young man living with albinism, who led a difficult yet desperately needed conversation on the risks facing the Malawian albino community on a day to day basis.

Reaching around 8 million listeners, this Misk Merit event made waves in its local community – and indeed the world!


  1. Tuk Tuk Technology Courses, Siem Reap, Cambodia – May

The tuk-tuk is Cambodia’s number one form of public transport and has recently benefited from the introduction of an Uber-esque platform called PassApp.

Allowing users to book rides and pinpoint destinations via their smartphone, this technology has become increasingly popular amongst tourists, but has threatened to cost non-English speaking tuk-tuk drivers work due to an unfamiliarity with the app and issues with language barriers.

In May 2019, Misk Merit launched a technology training course for Siem Reap tuk-tuk drivers, helping to develop their English skills and ability to use PassApp.

This initiative has supported local drivers and, in turn, their ability to support their own families.


  1. World Book Day, Liverpool UK – 7March

World Book Day gives children and parents the chance to expand their minds with a wide range of literature.

This year, more than 600 UK based pupils aged 5-11 were able to learn more about plastic pollution and the enormous impact it’s having on our environment.

Reading and discussing a book about reducing single use plastic (written by one of our own Misk Merit members) these students became active global citizens, exploring and indeed challenging their own understanding of this ongoing worldwide issue.


  1. Cleanup of Lake Tanganyika, Bujumbura, Burundi – 16 February

Holding 17% of the globe’s surface freshwater and stretching out far enough to border four countries, Lake Tanganyika offers a source of livelihood to more than 10 million people.

Plastic pollution has had a massive impact upon the lake’s water however, prompting Misk Merit members to stage a large-scale cleanup.

This event saw 500 volunteers collect approximately 16,500 pieces of plastic in a single day!

By targeting high profile community members and the local media, this initiative gained enough exposure to be declared a monthly activity and is paving the way when it comes to education about single use plastics in the surrounding area.


  1. Vibrant Park Event, Green Point Park, Cape Town – 23 February

‘Quality education through nature’ was the aim of this Misk Merit initiative. Collaborating with UK based charity HYPE (Helping Young People Everywhere) the Vibrant Park event at Green Point Park helped educate a number of children on their surrounding ecosystems as well as engaging them in a football tournament.

Focusing on improving the attendees’ mental health and wellbeing, this event was exceptionally well received and was successful in activating more global citizens for the future.


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