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Intention to Action

Bridging the Gap in Youth Entrepreneurship

Written by :

  • Muhammad Azam Roomi, PhD
  • Konrad Grabiszewski, PhD
  • Othman Almoamar

Entrepreneurial intention and action are driven by several common factors, such as:

  • Demographic variables (age, gender, and geographical location)
  • Socio-economic background
  • Personal characteristics (attitude towards risk, open mindedness, and optimism)
  • Human capital (education, experience, exposure to diversified cultures, religions, and ethnicities)
  • Social capital
  • Macroeconomic environment (level and growth of GDP, unemployment rate, level of ICT usage)

“Entrepreneurial intention represents a cognitive manifestation of individuals materialized in their desire to act in the creation of a new company or within existing firms, prior to the identification of business opportunities” (Fini et al., 2009).


The present study has two main strengths:

  1. It deals with a reasonably large sample, representative of the youth population of 25 countries worldwide.
  2. It provides an opportunity for a deeper understanding of the relationship between entrepreneurial intention and various demographic, social, economic, and behavioral variables, as well as their impact on entrepreneurial activity.

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