We’re delighted to be participating in the only youth-focused session at the Institute for the Future’s 10-year forecast event, which is called ‘Future Skills: How Youth Chart their Own Futures.’

In partnership with the Misk Foundation, IFTF sent a dozen researchers to cities such as Lagos, Chongqing, Berlin and Austin to conduct a series of interviews to understand how young people are innovating in order to chart their own future paths.

During the session, we’ll share some of the skills and strategies researchers discovered that the young people they interviewed use to work, learn, live, and thrive.

The session will also be interactive, as participants discuss what this will look like in their own organizations, and how they can best adapt to ensure that they are equipped with the skills they’ll need in tomorrow’s world.

Find out what came of this session by following our social media channels in the coming weeks, as we unveil some of the findings of this fascinating piece of research.

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