As we continue to build new connections and strategic relationships around the world, we are delighted to announce a partnership with the Global Entrepreneurship Network.

Announced at its tenth annual Congress in Istanbul on Tuesday, the partnership will help aspiring entrepreneurs to start and grow new businesses around the world.

It will offer programs that test and validate entrepreneurs’ ideas, while enabling them to reach their potential through access to a global network of collaborators, mentors and investors, by identifying the key components of healthy startup ecosystems.

Jonathan Ortmans, GEN’s President, said: “GEN is dedicated to better understanding what interventions are needed to create environments that allow entrepreneurs to flourish. Through this partnership with the Misk Global Forum, together we will equip innovative young minds with the tools and resources they need to succeed.”

The new partnership will complement our ambitious development plans, including our aim to create employment opportunities for 20 million people and develop five million youth entrepreneurs by 2030.

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