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What will the future of work look like?

This report centers on two fundamental questions. ​

First, what will be the key features of the future landscape of work in 2035?

Second, what policies and strategies must leaders consider as they seek to prepare their youth and their societies for this very different future?

Readiness for the future of work

An Overview of the 2035 Landscape and the Emerging Policy Instruments for Preparing Our Youth and Societies.

In today’s world, youth under 30 comprise half of the world’s population with a quarter of them under the age of 15. Most of these young people live in low- and middle-income countries and are growing up in a period of intensive technological and economic transformation. While these transformations are continually shaping educational systems, social constructs, and the working environment towards new levels of productivity, innovation, and prosperity, they also carry tremendous uncertainties.

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Jobs in the U.S. are subject to automation
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Of youth agreed that they would someday like to start their own business

An overview

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