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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 14 November 2019

After a successful fourth edition of the Misk Global Forum (MGF), the event closed today following the announcement of the Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC) winner and two days of insightful panels exploring the future of workspace, workforce and workflow. 

Canadian businessman and TV personality Kevin O’Leary, who was one of the EWC’s judges, described the Misk Global Forum as “the best conference I’ve ever been to in terms of deal flow”. 

During the event, speakers and participants from over 120 different countries engaged in discussions aimed at empowering young people to tackle the new trends and transformations sweeping the world of work. 

The second day commenced with a speech and a panel moderated by H.R.H. Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Sultan Al Saud on the future of eSports and, its growing importance in Saudi Arabia. The prince explained that: in eSports, the two greatest drivers for change and development have come together – youth and gaming. Those who have not been able to adapt to the needs and wants of the youth generation have been marked as outdated and have faded away. If we do not embrace this generation to guide us on this journey, then we are destined to fade away as well.

In a panel titled “Education – Changing the (Inter)Face of Learning”, speakers addressed the steps to take towards the future of education. Nazrene Mannie, Executive Director at GAN Global, said that organisations need to change how they recruit and recognise talent. Steve Brazel, CEO of Fullbridge, urged educators to change their approach towards education, stating that “smart educators have got to think much broader than curriculum; we’ve got to think from start to finish about the learning experience.” 

Examining the changes that hosting the Y20 summit will bring to Saudi Arabia next year, Sarah Alkhedheiri, Initiatives Manager at the Misk Foundation, explained that the Kingdom is different from other G20 countries in terms of population, and the transformation the country has been experiencing. Alkhedheiri said: “we’ll be able to show the world what Saudi Arabia has, but we’ll also be able to contribute to the world and give more of what we have to offer.” 

The MGF concluded with a full house watching the announcement of the EWC winner, who won a first prize of US$500,000. Canadian company NERv Technology Inc provides an innovative monitoring system for post-operative patients that aims to ensure that no patient loses their life because of an undetected post-operative complication.’