Best of MGF 2019

The world's largest youth event.

12-14 November 2019

Together, we reWorked reWorked Work

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2019 winners

5th place

SUN Mobility

Who are they?

An Indian startup on a mission to make sustainable road travel a reality for the general public.

What are they doing?

Having identified the four main roadblocks in the electric transport industry as high costs, long charging time, equivalent infrastructure, and range anxiety, SUN Mobility has developed the solutions needed to render these obsolete. These solutions include speedy charging stations, interconnected intelligent systems and smart batteries/networks.

Check out SUN Mobility here

4th place


Who are they?

An Argentinian company disrupting sales with advanced biometric solutions.


What are they doing?

Sumato-ID are using next-gen tech to help retailers optimise costs and maximise sales. The business is using facial recognition, advanced traffic analysis and innovative new communication tools to help companies create personalised promotions in real time – making shopping personal and bridging the gap between online and in-store experiences.

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3rd place

Red Sea Farms

Who are they?

A Saudi startup revolutionising farming with seawater

What are they doing?

Red Sea Farms is using cutting-edge tech to cultivate organic and pesticide-free produce while using less water and energy than regular farming methods. By harnessing sea water, farms can achieve a greater level of sustainability and thrive in harsher climates.


See them in action

2nd place


Who are they? 

A USA-based company using biological neurons to create living machines.

What do they do?

Essentially this company is creating the future. By developing next-gen nanotechnology that sees wetware chips infused with biological neurons, Koniku is able to create unbelievably advanced tech such as cameras that can smell cancer and detectors that can spot explosive devices from kilometres away.

Discover more from Koniku

1st place

NERv Technology Inc.

Who are they?

A Canadian business using post-surgical tech to save lives

What are they doing?

Developing advanced sensors and predictive models to be used by surgeons in post-operative care. Their technology detects complications that could arise after surgery such as gastrointestinal leakage (which currently affects more than 100,000 patients in the USA every year alone) and provides surgeons with enough foresight to resolve these complications swiftly, minimising any risk of major trauma or even death.

See our winner here

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