These are the best new business ideas in the world

“What does the world’s best new business idea actually look like?”

This question was the beginning of the Entrepreneurship World Cup; a year-long global search for entrepreneurial brilliance.

Over the past year the EWC has been on a mission to discover and develop the top startups around the world- and we were amazed by the 100,000+ business ideas we received from 187 countries! If you’re thinking 100,000 sounds like a staggering amount, that’s what we thought too! But wait until you hear about our prize fund, which soared up to a phenomenal $1 million in cash prizes for the top five and $20+ million of in-kind support and services for our top 100.

We challenged the world to show us what entrepreneurial greatness really looks like. It’s not enough to have an incredible idea; you’ve got to showcase business skills to bring this idea into reality.

You’ve got to be able to stand in front of some of the world’s most established business makers and pitch your idea to them with passion and belief, because out of the 100,000+ only 5 business ideas are going to make it, so your business pitch has to make an impression.

Most importantly, you’ve got to dream big enough to push past the realms of possible and create something that can change the world as we know it.

Our challenge was accepted and over a series of showstopping national, regional and finally global competitions; we saw the greatest startups pitch their way to success.

How did our top five EWC champions claim their spots at the global finals in Riyadh and what did it take for our ultimate winner to snatch the grand prize? Read on to find out.


5th place

SUN Mobility

Who are they?

An Indian startup on a mission to make sustainable road travel a reality for the general public.


What are they doing?

Having identified the four main roadblocks in the electric transport industry as high costs, long charging time, equivalent infrastructure, and range anxiety, SUN Mobility has developed the solutions needed to render these obsolete. These solutions include speedy charging stations, interconnected intelligent systems and smart batteries/networks.


Why did they make the top 5?

The business idea presented to our expert panel was fantastic, but it was the pitch that propelled them to a win – confident and backed up by a solid strategy.


What did they win?

SUN Mobility walked away with a $50,000 cash prize and the Shenzhen prize (awarded to our top 40 finalists) designed to help the company expand into China.


Check out SUN Mobility here

4th place


Who are they?

An Argentinian company disrupting sales with advanced biometric solutions.


What are they doing?

Sumato-ID are using next-gen tech to help retailers optimise costs and maximise sales. The business is using facial recognition, advanced traffic analysis and innovative new communication tools to help companies create personalised promotions in real time – making shopping personal and bridging the gap between online and in-store experiences.


Why did they make the top 5?

Our panel of industry experts were particularly impressed by the unique approach this company is taking in the retail sector. Sumato-ID clearly articulated what it means to be a major disruptor – a startup shaking up its given industry for the benefit of everyone involved, creators and consumers alike. 


What did they win?

 Global exposure and a fantastic $50,000 to help the company flourish.


Find out more

3rd place

Red Sea Farms

Who are they?

A Saudi startup revolutionising farming with seawater


What are they doing?

Red Sea Farms is using cutting-edge tech to cultivate organic and pesticide-free produce while using less water and energy than regular farming methods. By harnessing sea water, farms can achieve a greater level of sustainability and thrive in harsher climates.


Why did they make the top 5?

The company clearly puts purpose above profit, and this saw them become a quick fan favourite amongst the crowd. Our panel was impressed by the scope of this business, and unanimously believed in its potential to transform global agriculture for the better.


What did they win?

Red Sea Farms took home a truly incredible $150,000 to help skyrocket their startup.


See them in action

2nd place


Who are they? 

A USA-based company using biological neurons to create living machines.


What do they do?

Essentially this company is creating the future. By developing next-gen nanotechnology that sees wetware chips infused with biological neurons, Koniku is able to create unbelievably advanced tech such as cameras that can smell cancer and detectors that can spot explosive devices from kilometres away.


Why did they make the top 5?

The level of innovation exhibited by this startup over three days of EWC pitches was nothing short of amazing. The atmosphere was electric as they pitched, with both our audience and panel being blown away, it was like something straight out of a sci-fi movie.


What did they win?

As if coming 2nd out of 102,000 startups wasn’t enough, Koniku also claimed a colossal $250,000 cash prize. We can’t wait to watch them take even greater leaps into the unknown and are thrilled to be a part of their incredible journey.



Discover more from Koniku

1st place

NERv Technology Inc.

Who are they?

A Canadian business using post-surgical tech to save lives


What are they doing?

Developing advanced sensors and predictive models to be used by surgeons in post-operative care. Their technology detects complications that could arise after surgery such as gastrointestinal leakage (which currently affects more than 100,000 patients in the USA every year alone) and provides surgeons with enough foresight to resolve these complications swiftly, minimising any risk of major trauma or even death.


Why did they win?

NERv Technology embodied everything the Entrepreneurship World Cup stood for – one business idea with the potential to change millions of lives. Not only did they smash every single pitch out of the park, they also presented an idea that could make history by ushering in a whole new era for global healthcare. Our judges were unanimous in their praise and excitement for the future of this startup.


What did they win?

Global exposure, expert mentorship and guidance, the title of our world’s best new business and an utterly mindblowing $500,000 cash prize. In a word, remarkable!


See our winner here

To say the Entrepreneurship World Cup has inspired us would be a drastic understatement, each and every startup we saw presented a unique point of view and the determination needed to impact positive global change.


We applaud each and every entrant and can’t wait to see what the next round of the EWC will bring. Want to find out more about our competitors and discover more about what went down at the global final? Click the link below.


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