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What is the Misk Global Forum?

Misk Global Forum brings young leaders, creators and thinkers together with established global innovators to explore, experience and experiment with ways to meet the challenge of change. It is the flagship global platform of the Misk Foundation, a non-profit philanthropic foundation established by Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman to discover, develop and empower young people in Saudi Arabia, and beyond to become active participants in the future economy. The forum furthers the foundation’s mission internationally through engagement, partnerships and events.


Our mission is to help as many young people around the world realise their potential in the future economy and to encourage active global citizenship. MGF empowers young people to take the lead, alongside forward-thinking partners to create an impact on a global scale.

Areas of Focus

  • Future Skills

    We’re equipping young people with the skills to thrive in a world being profoundly transformed

  • Entrepreneurship

    We’re supporting entrepreneurs in building sustainable businesses that design innovative solutions

  • Global Citizenship

    We’re empowering socially-conscious young people to catalyze change on a global scale

  • Employment

    We’re helping youth advance in a radically changing global workforce environment

Our commitments

Enable young people to enrich their lives, bring in new ideas, and make a difference

Offer young people the tools and the skills they need to amplify their ideas and innovate change

Connect young people wherever they’re from around common interests, passions and goals

For young leaders, creators and thinkers, at MGF you can:

Engage and connect with established global innovators and economic shapers – the leaders creating the future economy today

Explore, experience and experiment with the ideas and thinking that will inform the development of your skills for our tomorrow

Master the key skills and tools under guidance from leading experts to take full of advantage of the future economy

Connect with peers internationally, establishing new relationships and networks that will help you on your path to success

For established global innovators, MGF will give you

Influence among the world’s next generation of young leaders, creators and thinkers

Connections to global policy makers – those who are shaping the future economic ecosystem

Access to a global platform to promote your ideas

For policy makers, MGF will give you

Insight from both established global innovators who are shaping the future economy, as well as the next generation of young leaders, creators and innovators who will take on the mantle of change

Feedback on new policy ideas for the future economy from key stakeholder groups

Access to new networks of international thought leaders, innovation pioneers, NGOs, corporates and fellow policymakers

Driving social change is a positive lifestyle choice.

Social responsibility should not be dull or uninspiring, but reflect young people’s creativity, passion, and attitude – galvanising others to join them.

Technology should be a force for good in the world.

By connecting young people around the world on the issues and interests closest to their hearts, technology can answer questions, inspire solutions, and pass on expertise to address existing and emerging challenges like never before.

Young people are both the leaders of the future and leading the way to that future now.

Young people the world over are already bringing new ideas and energies that challenge and disrupt accepted and outmoded norms, they are in a position to cultivate the changes they want to see in the world they will one day lead.

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About the Misk Foundation

Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Foundation (“Misk”), is a non-profit philanthropic foundation established by H.R.H. Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman to discover, develop and empower young people in Saudi Arabia, and beyond to become active participants in the future economy.

Statement by the Misk Foundation regarding venue of the Misk-OSGEY Youth Forum

We regret that the New York Public Library has decided to cancel a space rental for the Misk-OSGEY Youth Forum on Monday September 23.


The Misk Foundation remains committed to this event and is arranging an alternative venue in Manhattan so that the forum can take place as planned.


We are looking forward to bringing young leaders from around the world together with established innovators and policy-makers to explore how young people can redefine the purpose of business for good, achieve social and environmental goals, and sustain them for the long-term.