Thanks to Misk Grand Challenges, a new partnership between Misk Global Forum and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, you could receive a $100,000 grant if you’ve got an idea that could change the world.

Over the next three years, Misk Grand Challenges will launch new challenges every six months, offering 100 innovators across the globe grants to develop their ingenious ideas in order to tackle issues all around the world. 

One of the themes of these challenges is “global citizenship” and we are looking for bright ideas for how young people can help deliver the Sustainable Development Goals. These goals were established by all 193 world leaders in 2015 and are a commitment to ending extreme poverty, averting catastrophic climate change, tackling inequality and ensuring no one is left behind, all before their 2030 deadline.

The six goals are:

  1. No poverty
  2. Zero hunger
  3. Good health and well-being
  4. Quality education
  5. Gender equality
  6. Clean water and sanitation

More than ever, young people have the tools and skills afforded by technology and connectivity to learn about, connect with, and act on the issues that affect them. But the Global Goals will only be reached in the voices, skills and ideas of youth are listened to. 

We’re looking for global citizens – people who are aware of, and understand the wider world and their place in it – who are committed to reaching these Global Goals and have a revolutionary idea to achieve one or more of them.  

Does this sound like you? Find out how you can apply.

The Misk Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are pioneers in empowering youth and preparing them for success.

To this end, we are thrilled to be coming together to offer grants of $100,000 to some of the bright young minds of tomorrow.

We are seeking young innovators and leaders who are ready to tackle global challenges head on, such as the challenge of education, and ensure that every child receives a 21st-century tuition.

It is vital that children around the world are offered a quality education that goes far beyond 20th-century learning, and encompasses modern skills that are essential for success.

Leadership, social skills, critical thinking and creativity will become the backbone of education in the years to come and we are searching for young minds with ideas to revolutionise the traditional education system.

The challenge is real: current school systems throughout the world are struggling to achieve even basic learning outcomes – we must therefore think beyond small improvements and completely transform schools.

Do you have an innovative idea that will transform education to guarantee success in the future? Misk Grand Challenges could make that idea a reality.

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see your groundbreaking ideas become reality – find out how you can apply