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Landfill Recycler, 2030

As technology allows countries to manufacture locally, this person salvages existing materials from landfills to be reused in new production.

Inspired by Inga BealeRajesh GopinathanTarek Sultan Al Essa, Dharmendra PradhanGisbert Rühl & Johan C. Aurik.

‘From Linear to Exponential Chain Values’ panel discussion, The World Economic Forum 2018

Tomorrow’s Job, Today

The making of ‘Landfill Recycler’

On our final day at The World Economic Forum in Davos we attended the ‘From Linear to Exponential Value Chains’ panel discussion. The panel, moderated by Johan C. Aurik and consisting of Inga Beale, Rajesh Gopinathan, Gisbert Rühl, Dharmendra Pradhan and Tarek Sultan Al Essa, began their discussion by describing the potential breakup of existing value chains. It was Tarek who first put out the idea that:          
“Digitization will fundamentally change the way supply networks work.”
As the panel continued, it was evident that digitization, A.I. and new technology would play an increasing role in all of their industries. One example given was:
“50% of lorry containers come back empty handed. We can improve this situation with A.I.”
As Johan passed the discussion onto the audience, there was one question that became the seed to our inspiration. The gentleman asked:
“As value shifts to the designers, it will also shift to the countries that can produce the resources.
Do you think the world of physical manufacturing might completely change?”
The panel engaged with this question and in the ensuing conversation it was suggested that if local manufacturing increased import costs, then the need for domestically produced materials would arise.
Inspired by this, we created ‘Landfill Recycler’ a futuristic job role that enabled countries to scavenge their waste for reusable materials.
We not only liked the idea because of its aspiration, but because it solves a real world problem that currently tend to ignore.

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